Monday 6 January 2014

2013 - 2014

Wow! It's a new year and I've been pretty busy. Things are still a little up and down since we've moved to a new city, but despite my past doubts, we are actually liking it here.

I have many resolutions, but one of them is definitely to blog and post more, here and on Tumblr, since we've left Facebook. We realize that it is strange an nearly unheard of to leave Facebook. We understand that it will get a little bit alienating, but we can honestly say we have been 99% happy with our decision about it. Somehow, my husband and I feel like there is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.

There are many things I want to return to this year: lolita clothing, gaming, drawing, but I fear I may not be able to just yet. This year I want to concentrate on my heath. It's not that I can't get back to those hobbies or partake in them just a little bit, but It will be difficult to do them because of my heath issues. Mainly dental problems, weight gain (although I have lost 10 lbs: Awesome!), and the tendons in my hands being injured.

I'm excited and fearful about turning thirty this year. It's a struggle knowing that many people have expectations of a woman in their thirties, and pass a lot of nasty judgements. I am resolving to try and not let it affect me, because I don't want to live unhappily worrying about them. It'll be difficult to do since I've become quite sensitive and emotional over the past few years.

It hasn't been easy, since I am not the only one who has been having issues with recovering. My mother has had a breakup, and is re-discovering herself after a 20 year relationship.

This year seems to be themed to heath, self esteem, and wellness. That will be the most high priority for us, and you can never go wrong with that as a new year's resolution!

So cheers to you all in 2014 and wishes of health in all forms!

May this be a "feel good" year for you all!

Sunday 26 May 2013

More Large Card Edits for Ragnarok Online

More large card edits! I got carried away making them, but I hope you can enjoy them in your Ro gaming. :)

Click the image to download!

Saturday 25 May 2013

Large Card Edit for Ragnarok Online Private Servers

So a lot of people know about  Appuru's large card edits in various colours.

I added a picture to Appuru's card, because my husband wanted it for his personal use. I figure I'd share it with you all.

My husband's screenshot of his blacksmith "Techmarine Ineptus" and the large card edit.

You can download it here on mediafire:

I'll be adding more card edits soon! Since I like to change it up every once in a while. :)

Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Polar Baz - Adult Hot Chocolate

 Today, I made a special hot chocolate concoction for my husband, Baz. (Or Batz as I tend to call him... because I like bats. :P) When I gave him the mix, he said it reminded him of the small chocolates with the polar bear on it. Since, I used Polar Ice Vodka, I decided to call it Polar Baz. Tee hee, get it? Hope you all like it too.

AEther's "The Polar Baz"

1 shot Vodka (1.5 oz - I used Polar Ice.)
1/2 cup of coffee brewed (I used Folgers Simply Smooth)
1/2 cup of milk (I used 2% Dairy Oh)
2 even tablespoons of hot chocolate mix (I used Carnation's Simply Hot Chocolate)
Garnishes optional.

Pour hot coffee into a mug and add hot chocolate powder. Stir until the powder is dissolved. Add the milk and vodka. Stir.

Top with plain or chocolate whipped cream. Garnish with a mint leaf and chocolate shavings or a whole raspberry and a chocolate square. Or try marshmallow fluff and crumble a hard mint candy on top Pocky! Be creative with your garnishes! :)

Sunday 10 February 2013

Challenge Accepted!

Today I discovered The Ragnarok Online Art Challenge on Tumblr. I have taken up the challenge and will post my progress here and on my Ragnarok Online Blog: Dakimakura Story.

It's a fun way to test my creativity and practice some art.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Above and Beyond

Axe is giving people the chance to go to space. My husband and I want to do this together.

It's always been a distant dream that may not be achievable, but when a chance opens up. We as dreamers are meant to grasp it. My reason is because I want to be part of the proof that there is more to this life than the confines of its atmosphere. I mean it deeply. I have always been invigorated by the comfort of water surrounding me and the freedom of the wind on my face. To feel my body transcend gravity in its physical form would bring me the greatest joy.

I know my husband feels the same way.

Vote for us. :)

Thursday 17 January 2013

What thin and fit means to ME!

When I grab images for "thinspiration", I don't care if people judge me to say that it's not healthy. My idea of beauty is different from yours. Your idea of beauty is not the same as mine. Both our opinions are valid.

Those images are for myself to look at and to motivate me. I don't expect you to want to be like that. I think a lot of heavier girls are gorgeous and just as healthy. A lot of plus sized models look better than I do in a bikini and they are a lot heavier than I am, LOL. I don't think all women should be skinny, let's face it, some girls just look prettier with a little more curves on them. Some skinny women look like death warmed over.

I've been skinny and I've been slightly obese, now I am just overweight (Yay, lost some! \*o*/) I just know what is best for my personal look. It's really the same to me as knowing what colours of clothing go well with your skin tone, or what hair styles look best on a woman.

As long as you are healthy for your own lifestyle, you can look in the mirror and know you look great, you are aware of your image of beauty for yourself and not others, there shoudn't be a problem. We need to all stop hating on each other and start supporting each other's personal size ideals, especially when a particular size is our goal. Whatever size it may be.